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Asveora, a Rapidly Growing Infant, Is Now a Machine.
04-23-2023 @ 2:17 AM EST
What started out as a small-scale network project to explore the strengths of decentralization has evolved into something much greater. Asveora, an entity that began its life as a corridor of slow-loading PNGs on a desolate webpage, now, after months of brutal hours and repeated sleep-deprivation, is now both a multifaceted machine and a complex digital network that has the power to bolster comprehensive communities of tech education, re-create a wide variety of web environments, and provide individuals with the tools to take control of their own digital life. I, AmzroSevca, could have never imagined that Asveora would get this far. And I never expected there to be people who would take an interest in it, but, as I am so very deeply thankful for, there are. Asveora is now home to a small family of Asveorans that I expect will grow into a much larger family as the future passes us by.

And while there were many arduous complications in development, I am happy that I never gave up on Asveora, and know that these efforts have paved the way for more to become contributors and developers through curiosity, intrigue, and wonder. The biggest breakthrough yet has happened recently that saw the construction of Navmiro, an elaborate landhub app that serves as a love letter to and re-creation of Narvii's Amino Classic (2014-2016) before its ill-fated decline as its modern iteration. Asveora is no longer just a network. It is now a versatile machine with a loving community at its core. And before I go, I want to say "Thank You" from the bottom of my heart to my fellow Asveorans. Asveora would not be Asveora without us all.

Yours Truly,

AmzroSevca ❤( ❛ᴗ❛ )

Asveora Is Quickly Evolving!
10-17-2022 @ 1:29 AM EST
Asveora is rapidly changing as the project acquires more feedback! The site now sports an entire layout that is focused more on functionality rather than marketing. How the network operates is also more clearly explained in addition to some user experience buffs like better featured article layouts, dashboard access, etc. There are also plans to switch the file hosting, CMS access, and domain hosting of the site because most of the services that Asveora uses currently are not the greatest. Below are some images of the new update! Thank you for following the project!

Asveora Has Received a Speed Update and Several Navigation Updates!
10-16-2022 @ 12:48 AM EST
Asveora has just received a major update to the official instance of its landing hub (the site that you are viewing right now). Content and assets now load quicker than ever and put less strain on your device! Some graphics have also been updated to make navigation more understandable and intuitive. Hooray! :)

Asveora Is Now Open for Alpha Testing!
10-15-2022 @ 4:48 PM EST
Asveora is finally open for alpha testing after overcoming plenty of challenges and completing the basis for Asveora's general user experience. To get started head on over to: https://www.asveora.social/p/join.html
A terms of service document is in the works and will serve as Asveora's constitution. It might take a while before the first version is officially posted since there is a lot to consider. In the meantime, be sure to behave yourselves well and be kind to one another! (o˘◡˘o)