Goal 06

One of Asveora’s greatest goals is to nurture a creative and vibrant digital universe. In Asveora you don’t have a corporation telling you that your profile page is locked to a certain layout, that you can only type a certain number of words in a given field, that you have to use a certain version of a certain client, that your photos have to be shoved into small squares, etc. No more do you have a service telling you what your experience should look like and how you present or interact with content. You own your data, you display it as you like, and you control the entirety of your digital life.

No more are we dealing with the woes of tract housing where every property sports the same front door, chimney, driveway, and room layout in cookie cutter fashion. Instead, you get to express yourself in your own unique way, just like those older homes (built before tract housing came about) which all sported their own visual identities that reflected the personalities of their owners (who were often also their builders). With Asveora there is no product. There is no freemium plan or opaque business model. You don’t have to worry about giving up your data just to get involved or paying $99 a year just to get some basic features. Asveorans express themselves through their creativity and connections from the ground up. They pick the protocols they want to use, build the web objects that will be utilized by their neighbors, create visual aesthetics that will bring bliss to all, envision virtual venues of artistic wonder, and so much more. Without Asveorans, Asveora simply does not exist.