Goal 04

Asveora aspires to be an online world of inclusivity, accountability, responsibility, and common welfare. No longer is the ethically sound treatment of an individual or a group of individuals the exception. Instead, it is the standard in company with a strong focus on egalitarianism and equity. In addition to the universal and expected acceptance of individuals no matter their gender, sexuality, race, nationality, ethnicity, etc., Asveora also encourages accountability and responsibility which tie into the common welfare of the network. Every individual is accountable for their own actions and accountability is role modeled for all by all. Asveorans never turn a blind eye to an issue. Understanding the importance of accountability also means upholding responsibility. Asveorans are responsible for looking out for one another in health, safety, and security. There are no strangers in Asveora. Just an ever-growing family.

If an Asveoran sees something wrong or has a concern, it is their duty to speak up about it in order to ensure the health, safety, and common welfare of the network. Humans are imperfect and making mistakes is inevitable. What matters is taking ownership of one’s actions, thinking ahead, and bringing attention to problems before severe or irreversible damage is done. Asveora operates on a system of restorative justice that looks to embetter people and resolve mishaps rather than bring the hammer down on them the minute something goes wrong. It is expected of one to be understanding, patient, amiable, empathetic, respectful, etc., in order to preclude bad faith argumentation, trolling, cliques, dog piling, keyboard warriors, gossipers, pitchfork campaigns, con artists, flame war arson, and other terribly antisocial behaviors. In order to encourage productive and healthy interactions Asveora puts an emphasis on honorable scholarship as Asveorans are encouraged to provide sources for their arguments, be philosophically inclined, commit themselves to reputable research practices, and learn to disagree in a pleasant fashion. Asveora is the responsibility of Asveorans and it won't reach its fullest potential without the integrity, accountability, and responsibility, of its populace.