Goal 02

There is a significant portion of individuals on planet Earth that use digital technologies on a day-to-day basis but have little to no idea how they operate. This a major issue and an extreme cause for concern because whenever something goes wrong, many people don’t have the slightest clue about what course of action to take or how to troubleshoot the situation. They are incapable of being digitally self-sustainable. Without knowing the basics of digital technology, they struggle with comprehending the nature of the products they rely on, are lost when it comes to finding ways to take control of their digital footprint, are entirely dependent upon someone else to provide everything for them, and become vulnerable targets for malicious actors. In order for a person to become digitally self-sustainable, they first must work to improve their tech literacy.

Asveora urges its members to become more fluent in speaking the language of technology and taking control of their digital lives. Whether it be learning to construct a profile page, run a server, craft a virtual venue, store information securely, create backups of vital data, etc., Asveora is a place where becoming informed and staying informed about the technologies that make a virtual entity such as itself possible is greatly encouraged as it means that its members will in-turn be more technologically self-sustainable. They will be wiser against trackers, invasive advertisements, unethical digital marketplaces, micro transactions, security leaks, and other issues of the digital landscape.