Goal 01

One of the biggest problems with the real-world today is that many individuals struggle with toxic relationships between themselves and the technology that they use. They are constantly scrolling, constantly texting, constantly checking for new notifications, etc. It has led to many mental health issues such as crippled attention spans and severe addictions. There are many people who are unable to go a few minutes without checking their phone or computer for the next message, post, notification, item drop, or other piece of dopamine-inducing content. They become anxious when someone doesn’t instantaneously respond to a message and become depressed when they see that their new social media post doesn’t have a flood of up-votes or re-tweets five minutes after it went live. They read through piles of botched conversational threads and incoherent SMS styled chats that leave them bewildered, charged with negative emotions, and confused. 

Asveora is here to put an end to such effortless and destructive correspondences. It puts a focus on teaching and demonstrating that it is okay to slow down and enjoy life at a more comprehensible pace. It actively encourages individuals to construct a healthier relationship with the technology that they use on a daily basis by restoring genuine conversations and authentic connections. It gives them the time to get to know others as real people and have more thoughtful exchanges that make for a more positive and productive environment. Asveora says hello to more meaningful interactions and says goodbye to the white noise of the broader internet.